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Zigzag Plate 12 cm
Zigzag Plate 12 cm
Zigzag Plate 12 cm

Zigzag Plate 12 cm

These plates were thrown on the potters wheel and painted one by one with a soft black, blue or red lines inspired by the stroke of internationally known pens.

The Bic stripes collection, the essence of a disposable object retained in a white clay canvas, finished in a glossy transparent glaze. This plate have a perfect size for support our Bic Collection cup and mug. It is useful for protecting your table from the heat and to catch overflow, splashes and drips. This plate also provides a convenient place for rest your spoon or tea bag and of course, it might be used to serve sweeteners or creamers for a perfect tea or coffee.
Height: 0.78 in / 2 cm
Width: 4.72 in / 12 cm
Base diameter: 1.96 in / 5 cm
Weight: 3.88 oz / 110 g

In Amenamen we believe in well done things and every piece we offer is delicately made and painted by hand but due to manual manufacturing process, form, dimensions, color and finishes may vary slightly. It is not a defect, we believe this is the beauty of it: every piece is unique.
All ceramic pieces are food-safe and lead-free. The dishwasher is the best friend to clean them, but if you prefer to do it by hand, please do it with love. You can also use the microwave, but it is possible that some parts are heated more than expected. We therefore recommend that you always wear heat protection.